Felicia, Betsy, and Sophia Cox are three sisters living in Los Angeles who love to get dressed to impress. With seven rescue dogs of their own, they wanted to design a clothing and accessories line inspired by their own fashionable style. The sisters had a vision for all dogs who want to look like they just stepped off of the runway. Given this passion for fashion, Devious Dogs LLC was designed, developed and produced here in Los Angeles.

Devious Dogs is a couture dog clothing and accessories line that is fashionable, functional and secure. Whether your fur baby wants to be cozy at home or out strutting the streets, there is no question about who’s winning best dressed!

Our Mission

Devious Dogs is a couture dog line designed and produced here in Los Angeles. We use high-end materials that are sustainable and environmentally conscious. Our love and compassion for all living creatures very much led to our belief in NOT dressing animals in animals. With that being said, our products are not only fashion-forward, beautiful, and fun, we placed our heart into it as well. We firmly feel that your fur baby will thank you for keeping all friends in mind by making Devious Dogs your choice.